Four Seasons Toastmasters, Hendersonville, N.C.

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The social on 5-6 at Judy Groff’s home was a great success! Here Judy and Husband Donny on the left share in spirited conversation with Betty McCallister and Ron Climer. (For more photos, see the Celebration section under the Misc. tab.)


Our April Open House made a strong presence at the YMCA: clockwise, Speaker Hoyt Griffith gives an impersonation; Evaluator Tuck Cox reviews notes alongside a guest; Speaker Ron Climer expounds on three points; and Kyle Jones, president of the sister club, runs the meeting.  Yes, women spoke, too; four of the six prospects were women.

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A Table Topic Extravaganza on 11-18 was headed up by Toastmaster Jackie Branscum and monitored by her three Table Topic Masters: Amy Thomas, Karla Reese, and Betty McCallister. Meeting in circles, members in each of the three groups had a great opportunity to respond to a variety of prompts and then have a round robin of glows and grows from other participants. It was a low stress method of practicing impromptus and getting to know fellow members. Let’s do more!

Join Four Seasons Toastmasters and work on honing your speaking skills and leadership skills for the cost of $10 per month. Oh, by the way, you will have more fun at eight o’clock in the morning than you can have anywhere else. This “scary” bunch represents most attendees at the 10-28 meeting. Toastmasters wear a variety of hats in their diverse roles. (See more on the Misc. Archives tab.)

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We meet every Wednesday 8:00 am to 9:00 am in the auditorium (called the Smoky Mountain Theater) at Lake Point Landing retirement community in Hendersonville, NC.
We invite interested people to visit our club. Try to be there before eight in the morning so that we can have time to visit with you before we start the meeting.  (see map below)

Youth Toastmasters filled all the prepared speaking roles as well as the toastmaster role and several of the eyes and ears team positions as part of their graduation exercise. Three sets of consecutive 8-12 class sessions were run from spring 2014 to spring 2015 with a total of 30 graduates.


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Unable to attend at 8am?  There is another club in town.
New Dimensions Toastmasters

Tuesdays from 6-7:00 pm.  The YMCA corner conference room 810 W 6th Ave. 64W
Hendersonville, NC 28791

This is the current schedule of roles.   Please find a sub and notify Judy, Stan, or the TM if you must miss your assigned role and date so any gaps are filled!  Please confirm!  You are welcome to trade a role with another member.  A number of members are doing interactive editing on a special site adding roles not reserved below.  This interaction ends May 23 for June roles.

may 18 and 25 

TTE-table topics Evaluator, TM-Toastmaster, JM-Jokemaster, E1-Evaluator for Speaker 1 (SP1), AC-Ah Counter, GE-General Evaluator, GRE-Greeter, WM/GRA- word master and Grammarian, SHW-shadow