Bad Weather Rules

The rules are as follows:

If the public schools are closed, we do not meet. If the openings are delayed, we meet as usual.

A good way to determine whether the schools are closed or have a delayed opening is to call WTZQ or watch TV Channel 13 (WLOS TV) in Asheville.

(I can try sending an email to all in the evening Tuesday night as soon as I hear a confirmation.  -Stan C.)


The Toastmaster-of-week may decide ahead of time if he or she’d like to switch with the next week’s Toastmaster and the role-takers or just the Toastmaster if the meeting is cancelled.  Or the Toastmaster could be assured to go first in the next month as Toastmaster.  All this “Plan B” may best be in place because the theme may best be given sooner than later.  Also, a prepared speaker may want to go on the very next week while there is still momentum, etc.