Check out our new Facebook page that will continue to evolve.

Membership VP and FSTM Facebook page creator Jeannette Butterworth gave a mentoring moment on trying to optimize this page.  She said there were three major ways:                      1) Like it;

2) Hit the More tab and invite your friends to visit;

3) Share it so it appears on your own Facebook page.

Let’s talk up our club more on this social media!

We speak and listen, warts and all.
We range in mouths from a Betty to a Ron,
And in ears from a Sally to a Stan.

We will celebrate our glows and pick at our grows.
From a worker like Jeannette or Karla to a retiree like Hoyt, We toast our pursuit of growth.

We will laugh at each other’s funny stories.  We will be touched by our hurts. We may be shaken by a table topic Or stand our ground like a Jackie or a Carol.

We may share interests of hot yoga like a Judy and Don, Cycle like an Erich, or do a sky dive as a Larry. We take care with spoken words like a Brad or a Tuck.

Through it all, we aim to better listen, speak, and learn.