Christmas Festivities Include Conversation and then Table Topics, Dec. 2016


This is a glimpse from the social at Judy and Don Groff’s on December 3.  From R to L are Hoyt and Gail Griffith and then Sally Jones and Marlene Beggs with husbands still heaping on the helpings.  See more on Celebrations on the Club History tab.

Gracious Hosts Don and Judy Offer an Encore


There are impromptu shots and prepared shots. Carol Coss was naturally enjoying the wonderful meal and counting on her hubby to not take a candid of her chewing. A prepared shot would have had her and hosts Judy and Don all striking a pose with an illuminating flash. Apologies to Judy and Don Groff for ill preparation; for Carol, it became imperative to prepare this insert from last year’s TM Christmas celebration.  Her hubby doesn’t wish to live in the doghouse.


Now this is a candid shot showing genuine contemplation from the ladies, of food from Carol, Gail Griffith, and Betty McCallister, and for the beautiful decorations from Ron McCallister. Next up are Ivan Beggs and Brad Dienst caught up in conversation. Finally, Carol Walters and Jim Jones seem to be preparing the way for the impromptu table topic prizes. Seven participants read out two verses from “A Visit from Saint Nicolas” and then responded to a prompt. For example,  Verses: “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;” Prompt: “What, if anything, was stirring in your house, on the night before Christmas?”  Yon viewer, be stirred to believe that a Toastmaster Party is not something to be missed!




A Fall Bringing-in-the-Harvest Feast at the Joneses


Jim Jones oversees the perfect roasting of hotdogs that is being enjoyed by Betty McCallister, Larry and Kathy Stringer, and Ron McCallister at the Joneses’ October 22nd cookout for FSTM. The weather was a bit nippy; Don, undaunted, dons a hoody, while Sally Jones and Brad Dienst are stylish, regardless. Betty and Blondie await their treats.



Larry Stringer and Jackie Branscum put on all the trimmings. Gail and Hoyt Griffith head to the entertainment of a speech and evaluation indoors. Judy enjoys her marshmallow, an appetizer for her evaluation of Stan Coss’s humorous speech.


New member Don Groff enjoys a roasted marshmallow at the the home of Jim and Sally Jones; they hosted this potluck dinner for FSTM Toastmasters on Oct. 22.


The Groff’s May Meeting

The 5-6 cookout social at the Groffs greeted all with spectacular views. Below Judy and Husband Don on the left share in spirited conversation with Betty McCallister and Ron Climer.

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Sally Jones and Brad Dienst commune on the back porch. Judy is surrounded by guests on the patio, the family of Toastmaster members, including Carol Coss in shades and her son Caleb.  Eb Walters has his wife Carol and the spouses of Dr. Stan and Ron Climer as his audience. Jim Jones and Larry Branscum are also conversing out of earshot of their Toastmaster wives.

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A Catered Christmas at Lake Pointe in 2015

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Karla Reese shares a laugh with TM of the Week Judy Groff before an attentive Larry Stringer and Tim Cochran.  The great eats followed the December 16th meeting.

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As fate would have it, Tucker Cox’s wife Joyce drew the nomination that named Carol Walters as Best Speaker AND captured three other members not labeled elsewhere: Sally Jones, Hoyt Griffith, and Ron Climer without his bell.

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Dave Modaff, a Founding Father of FSTM, muses with Betty McCallister, a two-time past president. Carol Coss and Gail Griffith are in the vicinity as valued guests.

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Area Director Dan Desjardins and Brad Dienst and Featured Speaker Namkook Kim relish food like Jackie Branscum dishes up.  More on dishes and Dienst’s are below with Dr. Stan and wife Pat.

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