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The Speech Contest of 3-2-16 had these finalists: Larry Stringer and Karla Reese (1st) in table topics and Stan Coss, Tucker Cox, and Ron Climer (1st) in the inspirational speech.

tm stand 1a

Former member Gene Robeson crafted this elegant stand to display our mission statement.  The top of the frame is usually covered by the President’s Distinguished Club ribbon, the award of Toastmasters’ highest level of achievement as a club. This was earned in Betty McCallister’s last year as president, ending on June 30th, 2015.

The 11-11 meeting had Vets and TM members Tim Cochran and Dr. Stan Dienst give reflections and taps by Peter Voisin.  Four special guests are on the second row:  third from left, Dan Desjardins (Area Director), Vicki Simpson (District Director), and Mr. and Mrs. John McAfee. (John authored Slow Walk in a Sad Rain, a novel based on his experience as a Green Beret in Vietnam).  On the front row, Ron Climer shared a monologue from General Patton, Tucker Cox gave a speech of Patrick Henry, Jackie gave a WWII reflection, and Carol Walters shared a reading from McAfee’s novel.

composite of vet day

10-21 induction

Three new members are inducted on 10-21-15 into the Four Seasons Toastmasters Club by Interim President Betty McCallister: Amy Thomas, Erich Pearson, and Heather Erwin.  Erich commutes from Traveler’s Rest, S.C. Two other members travel up from Polk County and one comes down from Arden.  All are very welcome!

brad carol

Brad Dienst and Carol Walters sport hats on the Dressing Up theme of 10-28-15.  Brad’s tiara was a blind grab from a basket of table topics, whereas Carol carefully chose her Sherlock Holmes cap from a table of hats so as to better detect the glows and grows for her evaluation.betty

The confirmation email said that the theme was dressing up, and that “NO ONE is REQUIRED to dress up, of course, but if anyone wants to wear a hat or a mask or some piece or full costume for Halloween, he or she is especially welcome.”  No member, including the Toastmaster, had the courage or inclination to dress up in a costume except Betty McCallister, who was acting president and deliverer of a prepared speech.  Betty clearly had special spunk and spirit that served to inspire us all.

Speaking of spunk, Amy Thomas, in the blue wig below, always dazzles with her joyous delivery.


heather sally

Sally Jones tries to select the subject of her topic by feeling and not seeing. Table Topic Master Heather Erwin carefully hunted up items from home that speakers had to choose from her big basket for an impromptu speech.

carol collage

Carol Walters serves up an enticing set of books to share as the 12-2 Toastmaster. Other festive decorations at Lake Point Landing, like what we’ll see at the meeting on 12-16 that concludes with breakfast at 8:45, can be viewed under Lake Point Landing with the Miscellaneous tab.