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9 6 17 contest

The Fall 2017 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest at the Club Level

Participants in the FSTM 9-6 contest are from left to right, Brad Dienst, Ron Climer, Hoyt Griffith, and Tucker Cox. Hoyt and Ron were in the humorous contest and Ron won first place; he and Burton Hodges will represent our club at the Sept. 23 area contest in Asheville at Habitat for Humanity.  Brad and Tucker were in the evaluation contest; Burton won first place in the evaluation and will join Tucker in representing our club.  Special thanks to Judy Groff, contest master, and to chief judge Betty McCallister.

Here’s a Sampling of the International Speech Contest

of 3-8 and 3-18 in 2017 at our club

In the area contest, Judy’s “Walking Tall” inspirational speech took second place.  Hoyt broke new ground with the use of a Power Point that used the Mission auditorium’s projector.  That’s a first, and his “Fright to Might” speech touted the benefits of Toastmaster membership.  Burton made a strong performance with his table topic entry in a seasoned field of responders.  The winner was a young man in Burton’s same age category.  The topic was “the biggest prank you ever pulled,” and some people may just have a more pranksome personality than a “preacher’s kid.”

Judy said, “Everyone was so helpful in refining my speech.”  She added that she incorporated much of what was suggested in the club’s round-robin (after her speech the week after the club contest) and even from email feedback.  “I was indeed motivated to do well, and it felt good. Thanks to the club.”


final prepared

The prepared speeches at the club level had First Place, from left to right, of Ron Climer, “My Favorite Bible Stories”; Second Place of Hoyt Griffith, “From Fright to Might”; Third Place of Judy Groff, “Surprise Yourself”; and Brad Dienst, “Rediscovering Something Shared.” Table Topic participants were Judy Groff, Larry Stringer, Tucker Cox (Second Place), and Burton Hodges (First Place), all on this prompt: “What does our country most need now: inspiration or humor?”

final TT

final accounting4