Club Meeting Summary

Scale:  Underlined is the word of the day; bold face is the theme.  These summaries were begun at the collective suggestion of Sally Jones and Carol Walters; not all meetings nor all elements but just some highlights.  See what you may have missed.

    The May 17th meeting was pulsating from the start, with TM Burton Hodges revealing that his mom let him avoid hypertension at an early age with an occasional staying home from school. She called it a “mental health meeting.” Speaker Don Groff shared his nurturing of container-grown flowers so that his audience could avoid flowers simply turning brown to die. Speaker Ron Climer shared secrets of success gleaned from attending real estate seminars: show up with enthusiasm, shut up and listen, and keep moving on. Sally Jones had table topic prompts dealing with “free doctors” like diet and the sun. TT responder Jeff Jones pivoted on how his “son” helps his health by being so enjoyable. What a wonderful way to start a less stressful day!