Dues & Scheduling


Fill in the blank schedule at meetings for roles you want to have. Please respond right away to emails requesting your preferences for the next month, if you have not done this at a meeting.

Last minute absences. Try to replace yourself. You can trade with someone on an adjacent week, or just ask someone (or your mentor) to take your job. If there are Toastmasters with “No Assignment” for that week, it would be good to check with them first. Always let the Toastmaster know of any changes.

You may contact the Toastmaster of the week ahead of time if you want to be scheduled for a function or a speech if you are not already on the schedule. There may be roles open for you to take. Contact the Toastmaster for any requests for changes.


Dues are payable by March 1 and September 1 each year. Make a $60 check payable to Four Seasons Toastmasters.

Dues include the Toastmaster International fee, local club dues and benefits such as the Toastmasters magazine.

Dues break down each month as $10; this local club gets $4 of this for local expenses like rent, awards, supplies, and the Chamber membership, and the Toastmasters International gets $6 for its corporate headquarters in California and its expenses of the monthly publication and running the area and district.

Dues are separate from the one-time registration fee of $20 that is required by Toastmasters International.  If a member has a lapse in membership, he or she can rejoin and start paying dues to a local club once again, but the registration should only have to be paid on that initial registration with Toastmasters International.