Open Houses!

Open House on August 23rd, 7:45 AM at Lake Pointe

burton and two

Burton Hodges was Toastmaster and used the theme of “taste” for his transitions.  Don Groff was speaking as a Martian.  Sally Jones, bottom third from left, headed up table topics and some of the participants are shown with her.

sally and three

Jackie Branscum gave her Toastimonial on the significance of Toastmasters to her success in retirement.  Her husband Larry, at the far end, also added his perspective.  Division Director Rei Fuller answered the table topic prompt on the eclipse and Area Director Ed McGowan had a prompt on something he was afraid of missing: missing the opportunity to share Toastmasters.  Jackie and Larry were our sponsors for Hendersonville Fun Friends.  The event organizer, John Evers, was a guest and shared that the 7:45 or 8:00 meeting time may have been too early to get a real turnout.  He offered that a later time might be shared in the future to hook some prospects into coming.

jackie and two

November 15th, 2016 11:00 AM in the Library
Carol Walters and Jeannette Butterworth chaired a Toastmaster Sampler at the Kaplan Auditorium of the county library on November 15, 2016. Members assisted in the presentation and welcomed guests. Taking the show on the road to civic clubs is the next step.  Some reasons in the library display for joining Toastmasters:  If you can’t speak, you can’t compete; Make wonderful friends; Get confidence to address an audience.

The April 2016 Open House at the New Dimensions (then at the Hendersonville Y) did have six prospects to show up and a strong contingent of FSTM members. Clockwise, Speaker Hoyt Griffith gives an impersonation; Evaluator Tuck Cox reviews notes alongside a guest; Speaker Ron Climer expounds on three points; and Kyle Jones, president of the sister club, runs the meeting.  Yes, women spoke, too; four of the six prospects were women.


open house