1) Pathways and old system compared:
The presentation today was the fifth one I’ve seen. All varied in the amount of information (and confusion).  It would take going online using the Navigator box or other aids to really understand.  The old system the past 40 years involved two chief manuals– the Competent Communicator that gave 10 public speaking projects and the Competent Leader that gave 44 roles to be checked off with comments about how well you did the ah-counter role or the grammarian, etc.  Those wanting to advance further could choose from 15 advanced manuals, like Persuasive Speaking or Storytelling, and do other leadership tasks.
I have a free digital Pathway (Presentation Mastery) I selected as a paid member, but I will not quickly become an expert on this new system as I’m primarily just aiming to get credit for projects on the old (pre-November 2017) system until June 2020 when the old system expires.
I’d advise going online, once you have paid membership and a log-in, and take the personal assessment to determine which Pathway is best for you.  You’d be given three recommendations based on your multiple choice survey of 30 questions.  But you can choose another alternate pathway of the remaining seven if you don’t like the recommendations.
2) Pathways overview
The new Pathways system has 10 chief paths, like the “Presentation Mastery” that has only public speaking as the sole competency to be focused upon.  The other nine pathways involve public speaking as the top priority, but they also deal with two other competencies in detail.  For instance, “Persuasive Influence,” as a path has a strategic leadership core competency and interpersonal communication as the other competency.  I was told by Chief Ambassador Peggy Beach that other pathways are currently being designed to add to the ten.  I think one of these is speech writing and another is humorous speaking.
The $20 registration pays for processing of membership and also one digital/online pathway, for instance, “Presentation Mastery.”  If you want to do the full online access, as for video samples  and want a print copy, too, it would be an additional $45, as that would be considered a second pathway and the print expense, too.  If you don’t want but very minimal access to the online and want just the print copy, it would be $25 additional.
Each pathway has 14 projects and begins with an ice-breaker project.  I bought the print copy and the kept the full digital copy so I could try over time learning both and assisting new members, too.  Some projects are electives to give a wide-range of choice.