Arrive at least 10 minutes early to help set up the Greeter’s table.

Materials kept in blue bin:

  • Guest Sign-In sheet
  • Name Tags and red pen (for guests)
  • Pens
  • Packets for Guests (includes brochure, magazine & application)
  • Timer’s Kit
  • Ah Counter’s Bell or Clicker
  • Brief Evaluation sheets
  • Agenda of the Day (from Toastmaster)
  • Members’ Name Tags


Stay by the Greeter’s table to welcome guests and members. Ask guests to fill out the contact information sheet and to make a name tag. Give them a guest packet.
If possible, introduce the guest to other members and ask someone to sit with them. Write the guests’ names and give to the President prior to the meeting, so the guest can be introduced.

Remember to sit near the guest table so that you can welcome late-arriving guests.
Help put away materials after the meeting.