Speakers Bureau

This gives a brief summary of speeches available for free delivery to area clubs with a week’s notice:

Hoyt Griffith Is the Seasoned Speaker Featured Below:

Carousel Art and History: The golden age of the carousel is relived in this PowerPoint presentation. Fascinating trivia and gorgeous photos of old carousels are presented along with carousel band-organ music. Length: 7, 15, or 30 minutes

Gender Enlightenment: This PowerPoint presentation attempts to generate understanding and tolerance towards the many gender variations that are becoming more and more noticeable in our society. Length: 7 or 15 minutes

Word Collecting: The fun and benefits of an English vocabulary building hobby are presented in this PowerPoint presentation. Length: 7 or 15 minutes

My Friend George: This speech presents a biography of famous photography genius, George Eastman, and how he came to create hundreds of Kodak products. Time: 7 or 15 minutes

Old-time Radio Comedy: Through PowerPoint photographs and audio recordings, we visit the leading comedy programs of radio’s golden age in the 1940’s. The old-time radio speech was given in the past in 30 and 60 minute versions to senior classes and a radio club. The demographic for this content is fading fast, but might appeal to some senior residences.

Stan Coss Is the Retired Teacher Offering These Speeches:

Recovery/An Unexpected Twist: (This runs from 6-8 minutes and can be tailored to have a Christmas/Dickens connection with Marley’s Ghost or just stress the humor and celebration of a hospital recovery.)      It was an unexpected twist for someone used to good health.  I was unable to keep down two tablespoons of Pepto Bismal and was crouching over for relief.  Taken to Urgent Care, I found my knees were tremors under two layers of blankets.  My face was as white as a ghost as I was taken to the emergency room.  After a CAT scan, the surgeon came in saying my small intestine was dying . . . .

Pethood Inspirations:  (This runs 6-8 minutes and includes posters of pets from a cat to a dog to a rooster to a therapy pet.)      Fans and players got inspiration from The Gipper.  But what about Flipper?  Pets can inspire us with by refining our sense of responsibility, love, and compassion.  My experiences with pets probably strike common ground with pet lovers and kids every where.

Anomalies:  (This runs 6-8 minutes and includes a slide whistle at opening and close.)  The presidential election has probably the highest level of distrust in history.  This is traced in the experience of a political cartoonist from the Watergate era that was also the short-lived era of the Steak.