Video of Four Seasons Speakers

Video is available in three forms below: 1) a link to a Youtube site called Hendersonville Toastmasters for 11 FSTM speakers since October 2015 and which may be restarted by November 2016; 2) a link to eight speakers from May to September 2015; 3) video of joke masters and a contest speaker on 3-2-16

1. This is the newest link for a Youtube channel created by past VP of Public Relations Ron Climer and a current officer.

2. This link is for a Youtube channel created by former VP of PR Jason Bornstein.  It includes eight video speeches.

3. These are some joke masters:

This is a joke by Dr. Stan Dienst from 8-19-15

dr. stan 2

This is the 8-26 joke from Namkook Kim about a three-legged chicken.